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When it comes to where and how you should market your business there can be A LOT of noise - as well as an overwhelming urge to go in 100 different directions all at once because it's what everyone else seems to be doing.

Effective marketing though is not about trying to play the same game as everyone else. It's about figuring out the matrix that works best for YOU.

This matrix takes into consideration a huge number of factors. Factors like your goals, your branding positioning, your resources, your natural strengths and weaknesses, your target client, and where you're at in business in general.

My strategies are designed to bring back alignment, giving you the confidence to know you're putting your energy in all the right places - while also ensuring you don't feel like a sales-schmuck or a dancing monkey in the process.


A Brand and Marketing Strategy includes a 3 hour 1:1 Exploration Session, followed by a fully prepared strategy covering all of the following: 

  • Brand Bio and Tag Line

  • Brand Values and Vibe Statements

  • Brand Mission and Vision Statements

  • Key Messages and Points of Difference

  • Client Avatar

  • Customer Journey

  • Mini Competitor Analysis

  • Business Goals

  • SWOT Analysis

  • 6-12 Month Marketing Plan

Strategy Price: $800


A Social Media Strategy includes a 60 minute 1:1 Exploration Session, followed by a fully prepared strategy covering up to two social media platforms and including all of the following:

  • Profile Audit and Analysis

  • Top Ten Takeaways based on the Audit and Analysis

  • Audience Breakdown

  • 50 Suggested Hashtags 

  • Personal Posting Guide inclusive of your own Content Pillars, Content Types and Style Guidelines

  • 3 Month Content Plan

Strategy Price: $450

Optional Extras:

Instagram Design - Six custom branded Canva templates, as well as a mock-up of your grid in action - $200

Pinned Posts - Creative and copy for three pinned posts - $150

Every marketing strategy I prepare is 100% customised (because since when were strategies ever one-size-fits-all?).

Whether you opt for the full Brand and Marketing Strategy, or just the Social Media component, we'll start with a 1:1 strategy exploration session. 

This where I pick your brains, and together we explore all of the details. We'll look at what you're currently doing, how well it's working, and what other options are available. We'll also look at the bigger picture surrounding your brand and your business. After the exploration session I'll head back to the desk to refine everything we've discussed, and prepare the strategy for you. 


The activities chosen in any strategy I give are always ones that I believe that will give you the best bang for buck, and ultimately help you connect your business with the people that matter.

With each strategy I write, you have the option to run with it on your own or have my help in implementing any or all of the suggested activities.

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