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Oh hey!

I'm Nic, your strategically minded, creatively wired marketing gal

From preparing marketing strategies, to designing brands, building websites and crafting content, I'm here to bring the good vibes back into marketing your business.

As a creative and strategic thinker, my mission is to help you get your business in front of the right audiences, and to do so in a way that's fun, authentic and aligned to your brand.

Top Notch

There's no bare-minimum approach around here. I'm big on producing work that is unique, creative and top notch quality.

Good Vibes

From the way I work with you, to the content I create for your audiences, I'm all for spreading good vibes and keeping things fun. 

With Ease

With clear communication, simple processes and my done-for-you approach, it's my goal to make marketing your business easy and stress-free.



And it's my jam to make your jam taste sweet and look delicious to all of the people you want taking a bite.


Just as you probably (hopefully) wouldn't expect me to know how to cut hair, fix trucks or do whatever it is that you do - I don't expect you to be an expert in my world either. That's why we work together, aligning your thing with mine to make the magic happen.

So if you're crushing it at whatever it is that you do, but are...


  • ​Fed up and frustrated with how long it takes to carry out your marketing tasks

  • In need of new brand or a new website and don't want to do it yourself

  • Feeling totally lost with where and how to promote your biz beyond the gram

  • Want to level up their branding and marketing game, but feel totally lost with where and how to promote their biz beyond the gram

  • Yearning to have someone in your corner who can offer strategic advice and be your saving grace for all things marketing

  • Wanting hands-on help to grow your business and enhance your brand profile 


Take a look around, get a feel for what I'm about and if you think I might the gal in your corner you've been dreaming of, book a chat and we'll get the vibes rolling. 




I've been in the marketing game for over ten years and it has been a WILD ride. 


A Kiwi girl, I started my career studying at Massey University in New Zealand where I gained a Bachelor of Communication and then a Master of Business Studies with Distinction in Communication.


I then went on to work for a university and city council, learning all the ins and outs of marketing in the big, wide world. My roles in these organisations saw me spend my early twenties leading the charge on all of the marketing and comms for an entire university college, project managing Uni Open Day events across three campus locations, and spearheading a city-led initiative to drive events and activations in public spaces.

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