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Good Vibes



From developing brands to building websites, writing strategies and crafting content, I'm here to help bring the good vibes back into marketing your business.

As a creative and strategic thinker, my mission is to help you get your business in front of the right audiences, and to do so in a way that's fun, authentic and aligned to your brand.

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It means the world that you're here and taking time out of your busy day to get to know me. 

I'm a wife, a group fitness instructor (of all things lol) and a mum of two under three. Between the squats, the kids, and the multiple loads of washing I find solace in Cannect. As my creative outlet, this business provides a special platform where I get to flex my intellectual mind, get lost in the fun of design, and experience the pure joy of creating marketing magic for my clients.

I've been in the marketing game for almost ten years and have a Bachelor of Communication, as well as a Master of Business Studies with distinction in Communication under my belt. I started my career working for large organisations, including a university and city council. While I enjoyed the challenge and variety of my roles, there was a lot about the corporate world that frustrated me. So upon moving to Perth in 2018 I decided to ditch the big corporate game and dive into the world of small business instead. Cue, Cannect Communications.

The word "Cannect" is a hybrid between my maiden name Canning, and what I feel is the single most important thing in business - connection.

I believe marketing should be fun, integrated and outside the box. To me, marketing isn't just your logo and your Instagram (although these are fundamental components). Rather, it encompasses ALL of the ways you connect with your clients - in the real world and the digital world. It's the strategic marriage of what you do, what you say, where and how in order to build relationships with your audiences and create a cohesive brand and business experience that's impossible to ignore.

As someone who loves a little variety (can't you tell haha), the world of marketing provides such an epic landscape to explore. Being able to help my clients with all things, from their branding to their website, socials, paid advertising, content, and more is one of the aspects I enjoy most. 

I would like to think that working with me is a bit like having the weight of the marketing world lifted off your shoulders. From small tasks to big projects, a piece of copy to a complete website, I can tick it off your to-do list and you can concentrate on what it is you love and enjoy doing instead. I'm big on clear communication, keeping the process simple, and ensuring good vibes all round.

Last little tid-bit about me, I drink almond milk lattes, my favourite band is Six60 (if you've never heard of them, jump on Spotify stat) and I'm a little obsessed with my Dyson vacuum. 


My Approach

Top Notch

There's no bare-minimum approach around here. I'm big on producing work that is unique, creative and top notch quality.

Good Vibes

From the way I work with you, to the content I create for your audiences, I'm all for spreading good vibes and keeping things fun. 

With Ease

With clear communication, simple processes and my done-for-you approach, it's my goal to make marketing your business easy and stress-free.

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