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Social Uplift


Our Social Uplift package gives you everything you need to ensure your social media accounts are adding value to both your followers and your business.


    We get it, social media can be hard work. It's no longer just a matter of post and walk away. There's commenting, stories, lives, tagging, listening, mentions, the list goes on. Knowing where to begin and what to spend your time on can feel overwhelming. That's where Social Uplift comes in. 


    This package specifically focuses on:

    • Increasing your account visibility and credibility

    • Inspiring your audiences and encouraging them to take action
    • Giving you direction, clarity, and tangible business-related results.

    We get you there by:

    • Ensuring your profiles are in tip-top shape using all the right features in all the right ways
    • Using analytics, research, and best practice techniques to guide you through the process of creating memorable content and compelling campaigns
    • Developing a personalised plan that defines your purpose and goals for social media. 


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