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Core Connector


Love it or loathe it, developing a unique brand and engaging in marketing are fundamental to any business. Not only do these things ensure people know who you are, they also ensure your audiences feel connected to your purpose and compelled to come back. If you're more of a loather than a lover, or you just want to focus your energy on other things, that's where Core Connector comes in. 

With this offering we become your personal marketing partners in crime. On a monthly basis we will sit down together, chat through your goals, and devise a plan for the weeks ahead. Then, depending on your budget, we will either step you through what you need to do, or complete the tasks on your behalf.

By connecting together on a regular basis we will add structure and strategic insight to every aspect of your marketing story. We’ll help you to maximise your marketing spend, produce creative content that reflects your brand, build lasting and meaningful relationships with your audiences, and implement a whole set of systems that flow together, work effectively, and get your business on the map!

Our Core Connector package starts at $180 p/month, which includes your 1:1 session, a personalised monthly marketing plan, and unlimited email support. Packages can then be tailored from there depending on how much implementation support you would like.



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