How to Stand Out in A Saturated Marketplace

The gyms and fitness, and alternative health services industries in Australia are booming right now with both having grown on average 4.25% over the last five years and neither showing any signs of slowing down just yet. While this influx of new studios and health coaches is amazing for our community health, it does mean that businesses in this space now have to work even harder to stand out, attract and retain clientele.

So to help our fell wellness gurus along, we’re sharing our top five ways to stand out in a saturated marketplace.


When it comes to standing out, you have to KNOW what makes you different from your competitors, you have to SHARE these differences throughout all of your marketing platforms, and you have the USE these differences to your advantage.

To help you identify your unique selling points (USPs), we recommend conducting some market and audience research. Within your niche area, find out who else works in that space, what they offer, how they offer it, and what their specialities are. Find out as much as you can, then examine where you and your business fit into the puzzle and what you bring that’s different. For example, are you the only business of your kind in a 30km radius, the only one catering to people of a certain age group, or the only one offering mobile services?

Secondly, ask your customers what they find special about you. Set up a quick and easy customer survey and analyse the results for any recurring ideas your audiences have about why they choose to invest in your business.

Then, once you have your all of USPs lock down and sounding on point, don’t keep them hidden away. Get in the habit of actively communicating them and what they mean for your clients.


Every business exists to serve someone different, and your business is no exception. Though you might know roughly who you would like to work with, it always pays to dig a little deeper and start to understand these people from the inside out. For some tips on how to get to know your target audience, check out our blog on this very topic.

Once you have a clear picture of who you’re trying to target, the next step is to learn more about HOW these people interact with your business. For each phase of their experience - from finding you, to booking your services, showing up, and leaving afterwards you want to pay attention to:

  • Where they are - both physically and mentally

  • What’s going through their mind - are they nervous, curious, excited, etc.

  • When does it happen - this could be both in terms of the time of the day/week/month

  • What else is going on in their life at the time

Often you can pick up on these things simply by having regular conversations with your clients and making an effort to understand them.

Once you’ve figured all of this stuff out, cater your services accordingly. If people often reach out late at night, what systems can you have in place to respond to them straight away? If people are nervous about attending their first appointment, what information can you send them ahead of time that will make them feel at ease? You do that, and before you know it this audience will be lining up eager to work with you.


Do a little bit of social listening and you’ll quickly find a lot of businesses - particularly those in the health and wellness space - all using the same language to describe what they do. These phrases are often clear, compelling, and draw on the target audience’s inner most desires. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using them, it pays to be cautious of how often you use them because all they do is make you sound like everyone else.

When you’re writing copy or creating new content, think of how you can describe your work and your services in a way that will still makes sense to your target audience, but also sets you apart. A good place to start, is to listen to the way your target audience talk about you – what key words to do THEY use? Often when you’re knee deep in an industry you get so caught up in your own jargon and terminology that you become disconnected from the way a lay person describes and thinks about your business.

Side note - Using your target audience’s language will also help you appear higher on Google search results because the words they speak are often the words they’ll use when searching online too.


Everyone in the health industry has a different perspective on how a person should look, feel, move, eat, ease pain, etc. It’s just how it is. You get osteopaths that don’t agree with chiros, naturopaths that don’t agree with nutritionists, and body builders and athletes sharing two completely different messages on what it means to be fit.

What’s important to remember here is that every body, metabolism, mind, heart, and muscle is different. What works and relieves pain for one person, may not for another and vice verse. What gives one person confidence and energy, could be completely different to what gives someone else confidence and energy. Not everyone will be the right fit for you, just as you won’t be the right fit for everyone.

To help you stand out, you want to focus your time and energy on drawing in the people who DO agree with and respond positively to what you do. Share with them the benefits of the work that you do, why you do it, and what changes they can expect. Naturally people that respond to this type of treatment and approach will be drawn to you because they can connect with and believe in your purpose and message. Also, don’t be that guy who tries to prove himself by bagging everyone else. No one likes that guy.


Social media is amazing for building communities and relationships with new people, but you know what else works even better? Getting out there and meeting people FOR REAL.

Attending events with like-minded others, or better still being a speaker at an event your target audience are likely to attend is such a powerful way to stand out, be talked about, and be remembered.

So there you have it, our top five ways to stand out in a saturated marketplace. We would love to know - what was your favourite tip?

All the best,

The Cannect Crew