How to Conquer Social Posting Anxiety

Social media is all about bringing you and your business into the digital world. Simple, right? What could be harder than being yourself?

Well in actual fact, for those new to the game (and even for many seasoned professionals) social media is often more scary and daunting than it is simple and exciting. At times it's hard enough knowing what to say, let alone knowing whether or not what you're saying is "right" and then trying to figure out what "right" even is anyway. 

If you suffer from social posting anxiety - it's a real thing, believe us you're not alone - here are our top five tips to help you reduce the fear and get sharing with confidence. 


No single person on this planet has walked your walk, therefore no single person has the same wisdom and experience that you have. The first step towards having confidence on social media is believing that what you have to say is valuable, and knowing that your knowledge and business offerings are going to positively influence the lives of others. Whenever you're having doubts always remind yourself of your unique story and have faith that it's one worth telling.


Whether you're into strategies or not, having even just a basic social media plan will give you incredible clarity over your purpose, goals, and approach for the accounts that you manage. Taking time to write down what you want to achieve, what type of content you plan to share, and what value you aspire to bring your followers will give you a spring board to start from when you're trying to decide not only what to write, but whether or not it's in line with how you want to present yourself online.


Just like anything in life, consistency is key. When we get lost for words or inspiration it can be easy to get sucked in to following or copying what everyone else is doing. But doing so only dilutes your message and confuses your audiences. So before you jump on any bandwagons, or decide stray from your traditional content style, ask yourself - is this congruent with WHY I am on social media? And will this be of VALUE to my followers? If the answers are no, don't do it. It's better to say nothing, than to lead your followers down the garden path.


This brings us to our next point - think quality not quantity. Every time you post is an opportunity for your audiences and potential clients to see just how special you and your offerings are. While showing up regularly online is key for engagement, you should never feel that you HAVE to share posts all day every day. When you’re already unsure of what to say, adding this sort of pressure will only generate more anxiety. If you're struggling for words, or your images aren't quite right, our advice is to leave it and come back later when things are flowing a bit better and the content comes together naturally. Not only will you feel better about it, but it will also result in better reading and viewing for your audiences. 


Last, but not least this one came from one of our amazing clients and we thought it was too good not to share. How many times have you put up a post and then had a freak out about it and deleted it two seconds later? If this is you, from now on when you post put your device down afterwards and walk away. If after 30 minutes you still want to remove the post, simply hit delete. However we can almost guarantee that once those nerves have settled and you've got a few likes you'll remind yourself just how badass you are and how inspiring your voice truly is. 


All the best, 

The Cannect Crew

P.S. If social media really isn't your thing, or you're wanting more support to get yours on track chat to us today about how we can help!