How To Hashtag

Noun. hashtag (plural hashtags) A metadata tag, signalled by a preceding hash sign (#), used to label content.

Or in simpler terms, a way for people to find content of a similar nature on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. 

When hashtags first showed up on the social scene, a lot of people used them to add a humorous or cheeky side comment to their post - #seewhatwemean #allthecraze

Though making people laugh is always a good thing, hashtags are actually far more powerful and productive when used the way they're meant to be used. When done right, they can massively increase your reach and engagement levels. 


If you're not sure what we're talking about, don't stress. Here are our top three tips for selecting hashtags that will get your content seen by the followers that matter:


Think of what you would type into Google if you were searching for a post like the one you're about to share. For example, if you're posting about your unique vegan hot chocolates, you might use hashtags like #besthotchocolatein(insert your city here) or #(insert your city here)desserts.


Look at everything your post mentions or includes and turn those elements into hashtags. Carrying on with the hot chocolate example, you might use #veganhotchocolate #vegancafe or #cacao.


This one is super important. These days Instagram gives you the ability to follow hashtags, so if you know the hashtags that your target audience follow, you have the ability to get your content right into their news feed, even if they don't follow you. For example, vegans are likely to follow hashtags like #(insert your city here)veganfood or #cleaneats(insert your city here) as they'll often be on the hunt for new places to try or places that cater to them. 


Just remember - don't overthink it and keep the tags simple. If you're on Instagram, as you type the tags in you'll be able to see how many times they've been used. If the number is incredibly low, chances are your tag is too specific. See what other similar options are suggested and perhaps try one of those. Last but not least, you get up to 30 hashtags per post so don't be shy with them! If you're on Twitter, you're limited by space so opt for the tags that are of the most relevance to your audience. 

Best of luck, 

The Cannect Crew

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