Five Marketing Hacks to Survive the Silly Season

Whether you’re the Grinch or the Giant Elf, the hype and the pressure of the silly season can get to us all, and when you’re a small business owner it’s often only worse. Somewhere in between the social celebrations, the additional costs, the rise and/or fall of customers, and the feeling of having to do something different there’s still a need to stick to all your appointments, cover your bills, and figure out how on Earth you’re going manage things while everyone is away.

So to help, we’re sharing five simple marketing hacks to get you through the silly season.


Guess what? You’re allowed to go on holiday too. The world won’t stop if you don’t post for a day. Setting aside time to truly rest, relax, and reflect with family and friends with help to clear your head, which will actually do a world of good for your business. If you’re worried about social media over this time either schedule posts to automatically upload for you or even better let your audiences know you’ll be taking some time off.


If Christmas is your slow time of year where a lot of your clients disappear and the purse strings tighten, don’t hesitate to hit pause on things like Google Ads or on-going Facebook campaigns. If your buyers aren’t seeking out or in need of your products and services right now, then your ads will be landing on deaf ears anyway. Save yourself some dollars and let them run again when things pick up in the new year.


Gift-giving is not worth losing your mind or blowing the budget over. There are other more effective and sincere ways of letting your staff, clients, and partners know how amazing they’ve been. We can guarantee if you find personal and unique ways of giving thanks everyone will love it 1000x more than some generic gift they get from every other person they do business with. Plus it will act as a talking point and only have them admiring you and your business that little bit more.


Don’t be fooled into thinking you HAVE to change up your entire service offerings at Christmas time. For some businesses this can be completely unrealistic - and not to mention pricey. Instead think of creative ways that you can re-market your existing products and services. For example, you could bundle up products often bought together into Christmas packs, create package deals of your services often given as a treat to others, or you could even collaborate with some like-minded businesses to create the ultimate gift pack for your target audience.


At the end of the day, Christmas is not meant to be about the sales, the gifts, or the chaos - it’s about spending time with loved ones, being thankful, and looking back on the year that was. If all noise and expectations make you feel queasy, the best thing you can do is to remind yourself what truly matters and carry on doing things in your own authentic way.

We wish you all the very best over the festive season!

Cannect x